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Passion and Continuity 


Vincenzo and Emanuela have been running this family business for years, earning the respect from all those who know and work for them.

Romina, the youngest daughter, life and soul of the business along besides her husband Alessandro, while remaining with the tradition, has also introduced ideas, new wines, a fresh and innovative touch that combine tradition and progress. New tastes to stand beside those already well established.

This is the logic behind our "logo": our surname gives a sense of continuity of our family business, after Vincenzo there will be Romina, all of the family is recognized in it. A "stick style" has been used, simple, light but still solid, the "V" hand written rends everything modern and informal.

































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The butterfly, symbol of freshness, lightness, elegant as a dancer , rests on a flower, dances on that flower just as the daughters of Vincenzo and Emanuela. While dancing, our daughters learned dedication, sacrifice and humility. Everything along beside the passion, the technique and capacity to produce a great wine as are the "reds", the "rosati" and the "whites" of " Caccia al Palazzo".

The butterflies are different one from the other as are the wines from the style " Caccia al Palazzo ", all real and indigenous to our territory. Each one selected based on form and color.


As to "le Ballerine ", a much lighter, crisper and young wine, whose name is very significant: our two daughters , passionate dancers both, are to be recognizable.

Our choice : the two butterflies fluttering above stylized flowers and grass to confirm this family passion for dancing and dedication, in contrast with all the other black elements of the label.

The poem written on the back of the bottle by our daughter Sara, dancer by profession and internationally acclaimed:

"Each one of these wines, each one of these bottles has a soul, so sit down, uncork the bottle and taste this beautiful symphony".


Happy tasting then! 


" A particular thanks to Alessandro who carried  a lot of weight in this period of innovation."































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