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The "Grappa" is made from the grapes not used in the wine making, but always fresh, Small quantities that allow us to produce a product of higher quality.

The appeal is in understanding what the "vinaccia" ( skins ) can offer and following it through to create the perfect glass that revoke to the palate sensations and emotions from our territory.


Grappa Riserva Borgheri

This Grappa is meant for "meditation"

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot pomace distilled for 18th months in French oak barrels. Gold colored, elegant, fruity with hints of vanilla, round and balanced to the taste buds. Alc. 42% vol.

Bottle: 50 cl


Grappa Bianca Bolgheri

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot pomace distilled. Nose opens with notes of wild flowers, hay and moss,  firm, frank leaves the palate clean and dry.

Good persistent: 42%

Bottle: 50 cl.



Distilled. refined wine, at least 3 years of aging in French oak barrels.

Alc.: 42%

Bottle: 70 cl.

































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