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Caccia al Palazzo Rosato

Rosato Bolgheri D.O.C.


Winemaking: Bleed red grapes


With this method you can get the most colorful of rose wines and more structured with a short maceration on the skins and seeds of the must in order to increase the extraction of anthocyanins and tannins. Te tank is filled with ammo state grapes, stemmed and sulphited.

After a period of time that varies between 5 and 8 hours,  a "bleeding" is made, that is  all or part of the wine-must, more or less colored, is brooched from below. The pomace can be, in turn, extracted from the tub and pressed. So, on the one hand and on the other makes wine rose wine red wine enriched in phenolic compounds and color, due to the increase in the proportion of marc than the juice.


Grapes: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, 15% Syrah


Alcohol: 13% vol.

Alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks

Refinement: In stainless steel vats and then bottled.


Production: 2500 bottles


Rose color light.

The nose stands out, predominantly, strawberry and in the background, cherry. In the background light floral notes of rose are also to be perceived that complement the delicate bouquet of this wine.

In the mouth it has liveliness and freshness, well linked to a good flavor and an average width of taste. The closure is the end with the return of fruity notes on the finish.

















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