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A territory to "LIVE" 


Close to the Tyrrhenian Coast, at the slopes of the first metalliferous hills, you find the community of Castagneto Carducci, the vastest territory in the province of Livorno.

A limb of land held together by nature , works of art, genuine produce, antique stores full of old flavors with all the hospitality and tradition to welcome you.

Immense, ancient forests, oak, elm, chestnuts covered this land. Years of hard work, documented in many articles, poems and prose.

A natural harmony that has made an impression on many artists, writers and those who have quite simple travelled our roads.

The castles and towers, the rural villages scattered throughout the territory, towns elevated to a height, in so doing offer a breathtaking view of the field, vineyards, country homes, the crisscross of small country roads , everything that consists in the structure of our countryside. Its success elevated by the people who inhabit it.
































Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci

2016 © Tenuta Di Vaira - Bolgheri - P.IVA 01825850496

Never too hot in the summer, the heat lifted gently by the sea breeze. Ideal temperatures in autumn and spring, for technical excursions. In winter temperatures are rarely below 5° C. October, February and March, the winter months, a cold north wind called Tramontana, that is not so frequent to alter the mythical climate that characterized this territory, "the Etruscan Coast".

A varied morphology that entwined tourism with winemaking and tasting, merit also of the extraordinary beauty of countryside that surrounds Castagneto Carducci.































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