Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our olive groves are composed of various plots within the Estate on the Via Bolgherese, while one is located in the hills in Località Grattamacco, for a total of about 2000 plants almost centenary of ancient Tuscan varieties, often surrounded by our vineyards, that make the view lovely to admire.
In both areas you can enjoy a mild microclimate, with the absence of excessive thermal changes that favor the cultivation of the olive tree, both in terms of quality and quantity, giving our oil an intense taste, but at the same time elegant with typical Tuscan herbaceous aromas, with that hint of vivacity that represents it.
You can taste our extra virgin olive oil in all our tastings in the cellar, accompanied by our wines.

Variety: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and other indigenous varieties
Bottle size: 1 lt, 750 ml, 500 ml.
Can Size: 5 lt, 3 lt, 1 lt, 500 ml.






From about 400 olive trees located in the family farm in Monteverdi Marittimo, a small production of extra virgin olive oil, 100% moraiolo variety

Variety: Moraiolo 100%

Bottle size: 500 ml

Numbered bottles