The location of our structure, in the heart of the DOC Bolgheri area, immersed in the vineyards, is perfect to meet and/ or share their work in total relaxation.

A meeting of old friends or family to live a day of nature and good wine, listening to the history of our land, our family and discovering all the techniques and processes from the bunch to the bottle.

A business meeting or a meeting between colleagues to complete projects and/or present new ones.

Or you are an agency looking for new experiences in contact with nature in a small family, with a long and deep history linked to the territory and respect for the old traditions, but still turned towards innovation.

Our structure has large spaces where you can accommodate groups, let him visit the vineyards and the various rooms where the fermentation and aging of our wines take place, to conclude with an inevitable tasting of wines, extra virgin olive oil and, Why not, even of our grappa and brandy, all produced by us, combined if you want it to local products such as meats and cheeses, in our large tasting room overlooking the vineyards.

In our structure we have all the comforts for disabled people, and we also welcome children, we have Tuscan juices, markers and drawings that represent the cycle of the harvest.

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