In the Italian winemaking landscape, a new gem now shines on the hills of Tenuta Di Vaira. The winery has embarked on a new adventure in producing single-variety wines, with the first star of this new line being an extraordinary Cabernet Franc. This wine is born from grapes grown in a small plot located at the eastern edge of the estate, an enchanting place that combines natural beauty with winemaking tradition.

The vineyard, nestled against a lush forest and overlooking the sea, sits at about 50 meters above sea level. This unique position not only offers a breathtaking view but also creates ideal conditions for vine growth. The microclimate, influenced by the proximity of the sea and the protection offered by the forest, allows the grapes to mature optimally, developing distinctive aromas and flavors.

Tenuta Di Vaira’s Cabernet Franc is the result of meticulous care and a genuine passion for viticulture. The grapes are hand-picked to ensure that only the best clusters are used in winemaking. The production process, combining traditional techniques and innovation, aims to enhance the intrinsic characteristics of the variety.

Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled steel vats with prolonged maceration on the skins. After that it is aged for 22 months in French oak barrels, at controlled temperatures and humidity.

The result is a wine of great elegance and complexity. On the nose, Tenuta Di Vaira’s Cabernet Franc presents aromatic notes of berries, spices, and a slight herbal hint typical of the variety. On the palate, it reveals itself as full-bodied and harmonious, with soft tannins and a lingering finish that invites a second sip. It is a wine that tells the story of the land and the dedication of its producers.

This project marks an important step forward for Tenuta Di Vaira, which with its single-variety Cabernet Franc reaffirms its commitment to enhancing grape varieties and the territory. The choice to focus on single-variety wines demonstrates the desire to explore and highlight the peculiarities of each variety, offering enthusiasts a unique tasting experience.

Tenuta Di Vaira’s Cabernet Franc will be available in a limited edition, reflecting the attention to quality and the exclusivity of this product. Wine tourists and lovers of good wine will have the opportunity to discover this new gem during cellar visits, where they can fully appreciate the natural context and the passion that drive this historic winery.

In conclusion, with the launch of its first single-variety wine, Tenuta Di Vaira not only enriches its offering but also contributes to writing a new chapter in Italian winemaking tradition. The Cabernet Franc represents a tribute to the land and an invitation to discover the extraordinary richness it can offer.

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