When it comes to food and wine pairings, there are many traditional rules that guide us in choosing the right wine for each dish. However, it’s important to know that these rules are not absolute and can be challenged to create surprising and delightful combinations. For example, white wine can accompany meat dishes and red wine can pair perfectly with fish dishes. In this article, we will explore these unusual pairings, taking as reference the wines from Tenuta Di Vaira by Vincenzo Di Vaira in Bolgheri.

White Wine and Meat Dishes

Bolgheri Bianco: A Tasty Exception

Tenuta Di Vaira’s Bolgheri Bianco is a perfect example of how a white wine can be paired with meat dishes. This wine, which ages in barriques, presents a complex structure and rich aromas that make it ideal for accompanying white meats such as chicken and turkey. Its freshness and the vanilla and toasted notes obtained from aging in wood perfectly match the delicate and juicy flavors of white meats.

Raw Land and Sea Foods

Another interesting combination is pairing Bolgheri Bianco with raw foods from both land and sea. The liveliness and acidity of this wine balance the fattiness and savoriness of raw foods, enhancing their flavors without overpowering them. Think of a beef carpaccio or a tuna tartare: Bolgheri Bianco manages to highlight the characteristics of both dishes, creating a harmonious taste experience.

Red Wine and Fish Dishes

IGT Costa Toscana Rosso “Le Ballerine”: Versatility at the Table

Tenuta Di Vaira’s IGT Costa Toscana Rosso “Le Ballerine” wine demonstrates how a red wine can be paired with fish dishes. With a balanced structure and soft tannins, “Le Ballerine” can accompany a pizza with tomato and anchovies, where the acidity of the tomato and the savoriness of the anchovies find a perfect counterpoint in the red wine.

Cacciucco: Tradition and Innovation

Another surprising pairing is between “Le Ballerine” and Cacciucco, the typical Livornese fish stew. The richness of the fish broth, along with the texture of the various types of fish used, requires a wine with body and structure. “Le Ballerine” meets this need with its complexity and fruity aromas, intertwining with the intense flavors of Cacciucco, creating a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.


Food and wine pairings are a field rich in possibilities and experimentation. As demonstrated by Tenuta Di Vaira’s wines, one should not be afraid to challenge conventions and try new combinations. Whether it’s a white wine with a meat dish or a red wine with a fish dish, the important thing is to consider the structure and flavors of both, to create a perfect harmony in the dish and the glass.

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